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Hypnotherapy for Chocolate Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Chocolate Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Chocolate Addiction

No Stress, No Deprivation. Stop eating chocolate. Stop wanting chocolate.

How Celtic Hypnosis can help you to stop eating chocolate

Celtic Hypnosis can help you to completely stop eating chocolate in just one session. The most popular ‘hypnosis for chocolate addiction’ program will stop you from wanting chocolate, without feeling that you’re depriving yourself!

If you’re wondering how this is even possible, then check out the testimonies below.

Margaret was a chocolate addict. But once she understood the cause of her chocolate desire she was free from that behaviour. Have a listen to find out how Celtic Hypnosis helped her.

Testimonials from ex-chocolate addicts

Hi Clem. I just wanted to let you know that I am still processed sugary foods and chocolate free since our session. I am feeling really great about it and feeling the positive effects already.

I haven’t touched chocolate or biscuits and I don’t even want them. I have lost approximately half a stone and I have so much more energy. I am not feeling as tired, I’m not sure if this is physical or something you altered in my mind. I don’t care, it’s great. I’m feeling really positive in general and not beating myself up anymore.


I went to Clem to get hypnosis for my chocolate cravings and fizzy drinks. Since the day I met Clem, I have not wanted chocolate in any form and I have not felt deprived as I would have before. Clem is amazing and it really does work.


Hi Clem. I wanted to let you know that I have not touched sweets or chocolate since last year. I have lost 22lbs as I was a sweet addict. I am thrilled and thank you so much.

Still not convinced Celtic Hypnosis can help with your chocolate addiction? Watch the videos below!

Jane is surprised at not wanting sugar or chocolate
John feels chocolate is wrong and knows something has changed!
Joanna is disgusted by Chocolate now
One year off chocolate